we are all about the idea that fast food can be healthy food

Who we are 


Committed to providing exceptional food to our customers, Grassy Roots takes great care to source ingredients as locally and as organically as possible. Our thoughtfully prepared dishes are both delicious and holistic. We offer a variety of freshly made sandwiches, soups. salads, pastries, and juices. We also offer prepared meals so that one can bring the unique and satisfying flavor of Grassy Roots home with you. So, come and enjoy our creative menu. We focus on using the freshest organic ingredients to create flavorful optionsthat are good for the earth and good for the people who enjoy them. 

Opened in 2011, Grassy Roots’ constantly changing menu ranges from specialized coffee drinks, juices and baked goods for breakfast, to sandwiches, wraps, paninis and salads for lunch, and to a wide variety of prepared foods that can be ordered to go and served for dinner. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free & dairy free are options. The fresh juice bar section has developed its own intensely loyal daily following along with soup aficionados and quinoa salad lovers.  And Grassy Roots’ thriving private catering business serves up unique menus for a variety of gatherings and occasions, whatever the season.

To provide the best ingredients, Jenny uses local sources, such as produce from Aprilla Farm in Essex,  First Light Farm in Hamilton, or Blood Farm in Groton, or MoJo cold-brew coffee from Wenham’s Annie Brainard.

Meet Jenny 

"I realized that I needed to create a space where I could offer what I wanted to eat but couldn't find," says Jenny Grammas, owner of Grassy Roots. 

Having grown up in the restaurant business, starting at age 10 in her Greek grandparents’ Gloucester restaurant, the Gull, "I was never interested in fast food as a child because I was always surrounded by an amazing choice of fabulous fresh and diverse foods.”  

Instead, she learned to appreciate good food created with fresh, healthy ingredients in a big family-rich environment. And after helping run several other Cape Ann and North Shore eateries -- while also raising two boys -- she realized “I wanted other moms, people who didn't have time to cook, to be able to choose from a wide array of healthy & delicious food.”

"I feel such a sense of satisfaction and gratification knowing I can offer my diverse clientele healthy delicious options in a friendly, personal environment,” says Jenny, “and hearing how much they enjoy returning again and again, to try new things...this is my dream, coming to life, every day."